Take control of Kyle in this Text-Based Adventure. . .

Make decisions for Kyle that will affect every part of his day. Take Kyle's hand through 21 unique endings, each determined by what Kyle has done and who he has interacted with. He needs you. Be kind.

Kyle can swallow his fridge. . .

. . .and Kyle can travel time and steal from the locals and dump lard on his neighbor and many, many other things that KYLE SHOULD NOT DO. Take Kyle's hand. Direct him. Tell him what he ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT DO. Confidently help Kyle. He needs you.

Kyle has 21 endings. . .

. . .but only one of them is the good, well-prepared ending that you are going to guide Kyle to. Who knows what would happen if you weren't there for him? Would he destroy the city? Gossip about his neighbor? Fight crime? Revive a dead loved one?

Be Alert. . .

. . .and be careful. Things may not entirely be what them seem. . .

And on a more personal note. . .

Thanks for checking out my game! I'd like to continue doing smaller-scale projects like this and release them for free. If you'd like to see more or give me a hand in developing, check out the links below!




PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(202 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure, Visual Novel
Made withUnity
TagsFunny, Mystery, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
LinksPatreon, Twitter, YouTube


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Kyle is Famous Windows 39 MB
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Kyle is Famous Mac 41 MB
Kyle is Famous Linux 41 MB


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this is based



This game is unbelievably charming. The sheer absurdity of what you can choose to do (along with the wide variety of endings) makes this little text adventure incredibly fun to play and discover the secrets of, despite the simplicity of the gameplay.


Saw Markiplier play this, glad I get to play for myself.

Finally... finally I know what happens to Techno Jim... YES!


I like this game and I think you will too


is there a walkthrough for this?

Or is he?
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This was an amazing and funny game. So many different endings with some interesting conversations. 11/10

One little thing though, please make gabby count as food

This was actually a pretty cool game, got a laugh out of me which is good for any game.  

Does not work on my android


It was interesting xD i enjoyed the game

I never thought that a story about a bug-collecting tv host could be so interesting. Awesome job!


Loved it, had no idea what was gonna happen. Also I just got to say Kyle is completely bonkers.


"Not eating anything"
I ate Gabby.


this is the best multiple ending game I've ever played...

i made kyle famous... but he turned on me...

i did it

i dumped lard on gabby then gossiped about rachel

all while being nude



can you do anything with laser claymore?


very funny XD make it a console port


Just started playing and laughing my butt off


What is the point of putting that "something is missing" in the interview ending when you dont have to get to the end of the interview to get the last ending... misleading

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How exactly do you open the game on Mac? I just see a file called Kyle is Famous Mac (which is a .app file) and it can't be opened by my mac

(Run s fine on broswer thowugh)


it took kyle 15 hours to find and eat some bugs...i love this game

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Any game that lets me eat an entire fridge and still have an amazing interview is a masterpiece of a game

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a highly competitive market these days

This is the best game i've ever play :


lol your name is Kyle too xD

Can't get more than 12 endings

FINALLY finished the whole thing. it was great!


I found a bug. If you try to write your notes at the same time as you run out of time, instead of letting you finish it will take you to the interview and you will not have the option to show your non-existant notes, or any choice for that matter.


kyle vomited, wore a suit of armor, and asked ridiculious questions. apparently he prepared very well.

i did the same...except i wore skunk meat :3

went very well


very fun game

Deleted post

very fun game

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oops! I died due to starving myself because I couldn't bring myself to slurping on a bottle of lard :D lol


bro just eat the fridge


Goodness gracious, this had me laughing harder than I think I ever had in front of the camera! This is fantastic stuff, and I'll be working to get all the endings for sure!


This game is astoundingly hilarious! I really like this game, and somehow managed to get all of the endings! I think out of all of the endings, the last one was my favorite :) Great job!


Just streamed this really cool game...

Kyle is Famous is a hilarious game.🤣
I adore the concept, visually enjoy the minimal/clean layout, & the little bits of sound bites/music(s) manage to add a bit more depth to the answer you pick.. Either grossing you out or making the situation that much more tense or real. Super-cool!

Basically an awesome game for those of you who enjoy more reading & choice based story games; with a BUNCH of silly & random things thrown your way in a way that keeps you wondering just how you can get each & every ending possible.

I love this game so much.. I got into it after watching Bijuu Mike play it and now I'm obsessed! I'm still trying to find how to destroy the city because that's the only thing in the description I haven't done yet... Anyway, I give this game 1,000,000 out of 10. If anyone is reading the comments to see if the game is good and hasn't played the game yet, play it. It's the best game I have ever played

We have a dark sense of humor at TinyIvyGames and we absolutely loved this!  We didn't complete all 21 of the endings, but we still had fun:)

very funny,good game if you like good humor.

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