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kyle vomited, wore a suit of armor, and asked ridiculious questions. apparently he prepared very well.

very fun game

Its amazing 

Also im lazy to do other endings i know nobody asked

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oops! I died due to starving myself because I couldn't bring myself to slurping on a bottle of lard :D lol


bro just eat the fridge

Goodness gracious, this had me laughing harder than I think I ever had in front of the camera! This is fantastic stuff, and I'll be working to get all the endings for sure!

This game is astoundingly hilarious! I really like this game, and somehow managed to get all of the endings! I think out of all of the endings, the last one was my favorite :) Great job!

Just streamed this really cool game...

Kyle is Famous is a hilarious game.🤣
I adore the concept, visually enjoy the minimal/clean layout, & the little bits of sound bites/music(s) manage to add a bit more depth to the answer you pick.. Either grossing you out or making the situation that much more tense or real. Super-cool!

Basically an awesome game for those of you who enjoy more reading & choice based story games; with a BUNCH of silly & random things thrown your way in a way that keeps you wondering just how you can get each & every ending possible.

I love this game so much.. I got into it after watching Bijuu Mike play it and now I'm obsessed! I'm still trying to find how to destroy the city because that's the only thing in the description I haven't done yet... Anyway, I give this game 1,000,000 out of 10. If anyone is reading the comments to see if the game is good and hasn't played the game yet, play it. It's the best game I have ever played

We have a dark sense of humor at TinyIvyGames and we absolutely loved this!  We didn't complete all 21 of the endings, but we still had fun:)

very funny,good game if you like good humor.


translate the basic version into Italian

This game was fun! I didn't see most of the endings coming, and the final ending was wonderful :)

Just gave the game try!  This game had a lot of choices and endings which I like!  

good played because of Buji Mike


Great Game Bro! In This Sentence I Actually Understood Most Of The References, "Who knows what would happen if you weren't there for him? Would he destroy the city? Gossip about his neighbor? Fight crime? Revive a dead loved one?" I Feel Like Most Won't Get The Revive A Dead Loved One Part. The Only One I Haven't Already Gotten That You Mentioned In That Sentence Is Destroy The City And Now That Is My Mission. Here's A List Of My Endings: Good Interview, No Food, No Clothes,  "Died", Ran Away, Blamed Rachel, Had Amnesia, Gossip, Helped Harry, Rachel Escapes. 


i know

i love this game! if you make another, 10/10 play for sure

jacksepticeye played this :3

i don't feel so good after that meal 

Tolles Spiel

Such a great game my dude! It was super fun to play and I loved all the plot twists, good job!


Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate it! :D

Properly laughed out loud whilst playing this, good job!

Thanks man! :D Glad you liked it!

I honestly got Welcome to Night Vale vibes from playing this game xD This game is amazing and I love it!

Awww, thanks dawg! :D Glad you like it!


Awesome game! The visual style has a really cool tone in contrast to the hilarity of the story. Thank you! And the guitar at the end sounds really neat.


Ahahahaha, thanks man! :D I'll make sure to pass that along to the guy that recorded that with me. :)



This Game is an Amazing enjoyment to just laugh or to cheer me up! I love how compleatly obscure and unexpected this game can get!


Hahahaha, thanks! :D Glad you dig it!

Awww! After going through everything to get all the endings, the final ending was kinda sweet :') beautiful game!

Thanks man! :) Appreciate it!


Reminiscent of Eric Andre but... supernatural and more crazy. I love it, one of my favorite games now. Even though I've completed most endings I can't stop playing over and over!

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Awww, thanks so much! :D Really glad you're digging it! Make sure to drop a rating so other people can find it too! :)

Amazingly simple and good game! 10/10

Thank you! Very appreciated!

Found your to support the game! thanks again for the game my dude!

and my link again if someone would like to watch it if they get stuck!:

Awesomeness! :D Thanks so much again for covering it!


I love the design, humor is great. Sadly I don't have enough time to get all the endings. You're great Ducky!

Thanks man! Glad you like it!

This is so funny!!! I love how awkward you can make it :))

Ahhh, thanks! :D Glad you're digging it!

Loved the game
Visual Novels are one of my favs


Ahhh, thank you very much! :D Glad you liked it! I'll make sure to watch through the vid! :)

Make sure to drop a review if you think it's merited!